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Pictured from Left to Right: Chris Illitch, GD Glickoff; President - GD Top Notch Cleaning Service Inc, Stephen Snyder

Gale (GD) Glickoff has decades long experience in entrepreneurship. As a young person, Gale broke down barriers by being one of the very few women in construction trades. Her background ranges from active licensed builder, realtor, CEO and President. Gale is active in many humanitarian efforts, and actively participates with her crews. Gale's passion for her company clearly shows at every job site. 











The Best Company To Hire For Any New

Construction Cleaning Needs!

Business Biography 

GD Top Notch Cleaning Service Inc. has been providing New Construction Clean Up for Commercial properties since 1992.

The construction industry is vast and has many layers, to say the least. What makes us a niche in our market? The fact that we help organize and orchestrate as well as accelerate the project keeping the job stress free with all of the working trades that are involved.  There are very few reliable New Construction Cleaning Companies that can handle any size job with the proper equipment, a large enough team, and the proper management in place to handle the demands put upon us. We are the last trade in before that property becomes turn-key which is why we are such an integral part of the construction trade. The misconception that we are “just cleaners” is what we strive to educate on.

We are always striving to utilize the most efficient and effective cleaning supplies on the market and can accommodate even the most “organic green clients” if need be. We pride ourselves in competitive pricing, keeping up to date with the newest demands in our industry and we are always educating ourselves with the newest software systems to keep our office running smoothly which in turn allows us to be the most effective for our clients. From the billing to the cleaning we strive to be Top Notch in all that we do. With accolades from working with some of the largest Construction Companies in the United States, we will continue to stay one step ahead and remain ever changing with the times. We feel very fortunate and will remain humble to our 28 years in business. Bringing you our Core Values and the very best we can be for our clients.

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